The Power of Many.

Mobilize your community into taking action

Collaboration Platform for Communities

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Feel the power of your network – create a professional network for your organization and gather all of your people & groups in one place in less than 5 minutes.

Collaboration First

Mobilize people into taking action with the set of collaboration tools – event scheduling, file sharing, messaging, tasks & polls.

No Login Policy

Members can interact & take action quickly and easily from the tools they use for their daily lives such as interactive emails, Google apps & social media.

What Makes Our Customers Happy

  • In contrast to a lot of social networks – Leaderz is a Management Network. In a click of a button you can update all of your different stakeholders - Partners, Customers, Fellows and Team Members -  in a friendly and pleasant manner and without even asking them to leave their inbox. I'm very glad that I chose Leaderz as our main platform to manage our organization!

    Hila Cohen Rapaport, Managing Director
    Hila Cohen Rapaport, Managing DirectorMAAS Group for Leadership
  • Leaderz enables us to complete goals faster without wasting valuable resources. Our organization finally has a centralized platform to organize events, post files and send messages easily.  With so many people - Leaderz helps me to stay on top of everything that is happening.

    Adam Remba, President
    Adam Remba, PresidentTAMID Investment Group, Berkeley University
  • As WUJS Chair my biggest challenge was remembering who worked where and who to contact for various projects and events. Leaderz gave me this. It allowed my 90 years old organization to launch itself online, providing the potential for over 950,000 Jewish students from 48 countries to "meet", work, experience and interact in one organized space. It takes our calendars, events, campaigns & conversations and puts it in one place without requiring me to do any work. So simple. So effective. Now I can reach my networks whenever I want. You know how they say that the distance between one person and any person in the world is six people? Thanks to Leaderz it can be much less!

    Chaya Esther Pomerantz, Chairperson
    Chaya Esther Pomerantz, ChairpersonWUJS (World Union Of Jewish Students)
  • We started using Leaderz in the run-up to a big international conference that we were hosting. It made planning the conference across five time zones so easy; every time you logged in all the information that others had uploaded was waiting for you, you didn’t need to search email threads or even save documents on your laptop. It was all accessible and in one place. Once the conference was planned all the delegates began signing up to our Leaderz page and there they got to know one another, share information and already learn about what was to be done. By the time of next year’s conference we will have more organizational memory and more people to contribute to making us stronger.

    Yoni Danino-Forsyth, Executive Director
    Yoni Danino-Forsyth, Executive DirectorWUJS (World Union Of Jewish Students)



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